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October 21 , 2022

All you need to know about Microtek LFFR Wires
All you need to know about Microtek LFFR Wires

Electrical fire mishaps aren’t a thing of the past. It is still quite prevalent in many parts of the country, which has resulted in the loss of property and life. This extent of damage is caused due to electrical fire’s ability to spread and engulf everything in its path. In addition, it lowers the oxygen level and releases smoke with a high percentage of particulate matter, which has proven to be more dangerous.

So how to minimize risks associated with electrical fires? Quality wiring is your best bet! 

After installation, it has been often observed that wiring is given little to no attention even when nearly 13% of accidental fires happen due to poor wiring. If ignored, they can ignite the fire outbreaks and propagate in the blink of an eye. The need of the hour is to go for quality wiring that inhibits the spreading of fire irrespective of extreme temperatures, just like Microtek LFFR (Lead-Free Flame Retardant) wires. Moreover, in the long run, quality wires save money. They generate less heat and are more economical by reducing energy bills.

About Microtek LFFR wires

Made with quality materials, Microtek LFFR wires are lead-free PVC insulation that works efficiently under pressure without harming the environment. Its flame retardant property elevates the oxygen index which prevents the fire from spreading. Plus, they go through rigorous tests to ensure long life which in turn leads to less investment. Thus, saves money along with assured safety at all times! Be it indoors or outdoors, the installation is easy and available in five colors red, black, blue, yellow and green.


  • Energy efficient: Microtek uses ETP grade super annealed copper having more than 99.95% copper purity. This ensures little loss, which leads to electrical cost savings. Additionally, it offers an additional defense against voltage fluctuations. 
  • Low voltage drop: Microtek wires have a large enough conductor diameter to guarantee low voltage drop and increased productivity while using electrical equipment.
  • Short-circuit protection: Due to exceptional insulation and conductor properties, Microtek wires work best against short-circuits.
  • Waterproof and UV resistant: Microtek has created an excellent thermoplastic insulation solution using a single carbon-bond polymer chain. By being resistant to water, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, and chemicals, this considerably lengthens the lifespan and increases the safety of wires.

About Microtek Wires 

Backed by four decades of experience and extensive research, Microtek designs the finest wires for you and your loved ones’ safety. All are manufactured in state-of-the-art unit using the latest techniques to guarantee a high degree of protection and performance.

Our team of skilled professionals constantly evaluates the processes at every step to make sure that quality never gets compromised. The strong focus always remains on customer satisfaction which is why Microtek Wires for large/small appliances enjoys the reputation of being the best in the industry! It is heavy on features and above all, light on the pocket — thanks to the excellent longevity, making it one of the best investments. Know more about Microtek at