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September 7 , 2022

Bring home the RCCB protection
Bring home the RCCB protection

A dream abode is more than just comfort and luxury. It is where safety resides and your loved ones can move freely at all times. However, in recent years, there have been numerous cases of deaths caused by electric shocks, most of which occurred within the confines of a home.

While electricity has become an absolute necessity in everyday life, it also poses risks which one cannot afford to ignore and pass on. When human life is at stake, it becomes even more important to not compromise with safety at any cost. One way is to install Microtek Residual Current Circuit Breaker. 

How Residual Current Circuit Breaker guarantees protection against electrocution/current leakage?

Whenever current begins to leak, it finds its way to the ground, because the earth has zero potential. The current then requires a conductor to travel to the ground. In general, the ‘earth wire’ or ‘Earth Conductor’ aids current travel to the ground, but in the case of current leakage, if a human body comes into touch with the leakage current, it treats the human body as a conductor and traverses to the ground through it. As a result, the human body feels a strong shuddering known as ‘electric shock.’ This is where the Microtek Residual Current Circuit Breaker comes into play. Recently, Indian government has made it mandatory to install RCCB for all new connections to be energized.

 ‘RCCB’ is a mechanical switching device that mitigates the impact of electrocution and fire caused due to faulty wiring or earth faults. It operates according to ‘Kirchhoff’s Current Law,’ which stipulates that ‘the amount of current entering the circuit must equal the amount of current leaving the circuit.’ The current sensing device is built in such a way that it continuously senses and compares the difference in current values between the live and neutral wires. Any slight variation in the current value caused by such an occurrence would cause the RCCB to trip the circuit. 

Advantages of using a Microtek Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)

  • It protects against both leakage current and earth faults.
  • When the rated sensitivity exceeds its maximum, the circuit is immediately switched off.
  • It just requires a live and neutral connection to function; no earthing or grounding connections are required.
  • This Microtek RCCB is functionally independent of line voltage

Why Microtek?

Microtek, a pioneer in the field of power electronics, provides the best RCCB devices for unrivalled protection from fatal electric shocks. The high-quality insulation and wires boost the safety factor even further.

Range:  25A – 63A (Double Pole & Four Pole) | Sensitivity: 30mA, 100mA and 300mA 

Microtek products are known for their efficacy and longevity, which is why they are the preferred choice of more than 120 million customers worldwide! To purchase Microtek RCCB online, visit: