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January 15 , 2024


The 21st century is the age of innovation and discoveries, an age defined by ultimate solutions and innovation. With every passing year the dependence on technology is growing exponentially, and this digital revolution is quite visible to us. We don’t need to emphasize how crucial it is to access uninterrupted power at both commercial and domestic purposes, and that is why selecting the right inverter battery becomes important. 

Whether you are a homeowner dealing with the frequent power cuts in your area or CEO of a large corporation trying to deal with long power outages, you don’t need to wait any further. Microtek’s range of inverter batteries has been curated and designed to keep all your needs in mind. This is a comprehensive guide that explores the latest range of Microtek’s different series, their capacities, and warranties along with cutting-edge innovations like ADC (Advance Dura Core) and 99.98 lead composition.  

Understanding the Consumer’s Needs 

This guide is important as it addresses various needs and requirements of the diverse population of consumers looking for a reliable power backup solution. Depending upon where you live, power outages may last from a few minutes to hours, and it becomes very important to keep the devices running during this period. To get the right inverter battery for your needs, you need to calculate the load and the duration for which you need the backup, Microtek offers a wide range of choices to cater to specific requirements making the task easy for everyone. 

Microtek’s Wide Range of Inverter Batteries 

Microtek manufactures a diverse range of inverter batteries, catering to the diverse needs of consumers. Please refer to the table to get more clarity about the range of Microtek Inverter Batteries

Series Microtek Model Name Capacity

(Ah at C20)

Total Warranty Flat Warranty Prorata Warranty Container Type
Dura Smart MTK1501818LT 150 36 18 18 LT
MTK1352121JT 135 42 21 21 JT
MTK1502121JT 150 42 21 21 JT
Dura Long MTK0802424JT 80 48 24 24 JT
MTK1002424JT 100 48 24 24 JT
MTK1502424LT 150 48 24 24 LT
MTK1502424JT 150 48 24 24 JT
MTK1802424JT 180 48 24 24 JT
Dura Prime MTK1503024TT 150 54 30 24 TT
Dura Strong MTK1503624TT 150 60 36 24 TT
MTK1503624JT 150 60 36 24 JT
MTK1803624TT 180 60 36 24 TT
MTK2003624TT 200 60 36 24 TT
MTK2203624TT 220 60 36 24 TT
Dura Strong+ MTK2504224TT 250 66 42 24 TT
Dura Max MTK1504824TT 150 72 48 24 TT
MTK2004824TT 200 72 48 24 TT
MTK2204824TT 220 72 48 24 TT

Unveiling the Game-Changing Innovation Behind Microtek Inverter Batteries 

Here are a few key features of the Microtek Inverter Battery that make it a standout performer among the other inverter batteries present in the market:  

ADC -Advance Dura Core for Long Life: With Microtek’s cutting-edge Advance Dura Core (ADC) technology, users can enjoy an extended battery lifespan, ensuring a reliable and enduring power supply for a multitude of applications. 

Ultra-Low Maintenance: The inverter battery‘s ultra-low maintenance design minimizes upkeep hassles, allowing users to focus on their needs without the constant worry of regular maintenance, making it an ideal and convenient choice. 

Fast Recharge: Featuring a fast recharge capability, Microtek’s inverter battery ensures quick replenishment of power reserves, providing users with prompt access to energy whenever needed, and optimizing overall performance. 

Super Tubular Battery: The super tubular battery design not only enhances the battery’s structural integrity but also contributes to its efficiency, ensuring a seamless and reliable power backup solution for various electrical devices. 

99.98% Pure Lead: Comprising 99.98% pure lead, Microtek’s inverter battery employs high-quality materials, elevating its performance and reliability to meet the demands of modern power consumption with utmost efficiency.

Matching Battery Capacities to Electrical Appliances 

Ensuring the appropriate battery capacity for your electronic appliances is vital for maintaining functionality during power interruptions. Here’s a breakdown of suitable battery capacities for different electronic devices: 

80Ah Battery: Suited for lights, fans, and low-power devices in compact homes or offices. 

100Ah Battery: Powers lights, fans, computers, and low-power devices in smaller setups. 

115Ah Battery: Appropriate for lights, fans, computers, TVs, and low-power devices in small to medium-sized setups. 

150Ah Battery: Offers backup for lights, fans, computers, TVs, and refrigerators. 

160Ah Battery: Ideal for larger homes, small businesses, and offices, supporting all aforementioned appliances and additional high-power devices. 

190Ah Battery: Recommended for medium to large-sized offices and commercial spaces, ensuring a consistent power supply for a broad range of appliances. 

210Ah Battery: Ideal for large homes, corporate offices, and medical facilities, capable of powering multiple high-power devices during power outages. 

230Ah Battery: Suitable for larger homes, industrial setups, and data centers, providing extended backup for a variety of appliances. 

260Ah Battery: Tailored for heavy-duty applications, such as large industrial setups, delivering uninterrupted power for an extended duration, even when operating multiple high-power devices. 

Determining the Appropriate Battery Capacity for Office Use 

The choice of battery capacity for an office setting relies on the office’s size and power demands. Here are some general recommendations:

Small Office: Optimal for a small office equipped with essentials like lights, fans, computers, and a printer, a 100Ah to 150Ah battery should be adequate. 

Medium Office: For a medium-sized office with additional appliances such as air conditioners, a battery ranging from 190Ah to 210Ah is advisable. 

Large Office: A sizable office featuring multiple workstations, servers, and air conditioning units may necessitate a battery capacity between 230Ah to 260Ah to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted power supply

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I rely on Microtek inverter batteries for long-lasting performance?

Ans: Certainly, Microtek provides a selection of warranties for its inverter batteries, ranging from 36 to 72 months, depending on the series and capacity. These warranties underscore Microtek’s dedication to delivering products of high quality and durability. Equipped with advanced technologies like XBD and CBH, Microtek batteries are meticulously crafted to deliver dependable backup power over an extended lifespan.

Q2. How do I determine the appropriate inverter battery capacity for my specific requirements?

Ans: To ascertain the suitable capacity, assess the total wattage of the appliances you intend to operate during a power outage. Calculate the energy consumption over the anticipated duration of the outage. Microtek offers guidelines for matching capacity to appliances, facilitating a precise selection tailored to your home or office needs.

Q3. Can Microtek inverter batteries accommodate varying power load demands?

Ans: Absolutely, Microtek’s inverter batteries are engineered to adapt to fluctuating power loads. The ADC (Advance Dura Core) technology ensures consistent performance, even when concurrently powering multiple appliances. This adaptability makes them well-suited for both homes and offices with dynamic energy requirements.


In conclusion, selecting the right inverter battery capacity is paramount for a seamless power supply in residences and workplaces. Microtek’s diverse range of series, coupled with advanced technologies such as ADC and Fast Recharge, along with transparent warranty policies, positions them as a trustworthy choice for all your power backup needs. Whether managing a small office or overseeing a large industrial setup, Microtek provides the perfect inverter battery to maintain uninterrupted operations during power outages. Embrace the reliability of Microtek today and bid farewell to concerns about power disruptions.