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November 10 , 2022

Common myths about solar solutions
Common myths about solar solutions

Over the years, solar system has established itself as the most reliable, environment friendly and sustainable source of electricity. In India, the adoption has increased exponentially with more and more people realizing its numerous benefits for home and the planet. As the Government takes steps to enable this transformation to be able to meet the growing needs, solar power is here to stay.

However, some misconceptions are floating in the market, blocking the way to discover the immense potential of solar energy. Here’s debunking a few of them.

1) Solar energy is expensive
In recent times, the price of installing a solar system has considerably fallen which has made it a highly economical option over conventional sources of energy. Besides, it comes with a lifespan of upto 25 years. 

2) Solar panels require a lot of maintenance
Solar panels are durable and designed in a way to withstand adverse weather conditions. All it requires is just cleaning with water to remove any debris or dust that might have accumulated over a period of time.

3) Installation is difficult
The installation is pretty easy as long as you are using a product manufactured by a trusted solar brand.

Go solar, choose Microtek!
Microtek provides the most innovative solar solutions for residential and commercial use. All products are manufactured using the latest technologies to deliver optimal results. Moreover, they are tested at every stage of the process to meet the leading industry standards. Within a short period of time, Microtek today has successfully carved a niche for itself in the solar industry as well. 

The range includes Solar Power Conditioning Units, Grid Tied Inverters, Solar Conversion Kit, Solar Panels, Solar Cables, Solar Battery and Solar Power Generating Systems. The objective remains to enable easy access to solar energy and reduce dependency on traditional sources of energy.

If you’re looking for a highly effective Solar Solutions, Microtek is the here for you. The best solar system for home is designed to utilize maximum use of solar energy The Sinewave Technology used enhances the life of the battery and minimum effort has to be put into maintenance. Also, it is easy to install and helps reduce electricity bills significantly. The good thing is the users have access to detailed information such as charging status, loading level, battery level and so on. To buy online, visit: