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February 8 , 2023

Convert your Inverter into a Solar Inverter with Microtek’s Solar Management Unit (SMU)
Convert your Inverter into a Solar Inverter with Microtek’s Solar Management Unit (SMU)

Those who want to harness the Sun’s power go for the best solar system for home and rightly so. After all, going solar is the right step to leverage the endless energy source. Therefore many households have switched to solar.

The cost of installing a solar solution at home depends on various factors. And in case you are looking for a budget friendly solar solution, Microtek has the right solution for you: the Solar Management Unit.

What is Solar Management Unit?

Also known as SMU, Microtek’s Solar Management Unit is a unique, new-generation solar conversion kit which converts a non-solar inverter into a Solar Inverter. It offers the best-in-class efficiency and ideal solution for all non-solar inverters.

How Does Microtek Solar Management Unit Work?

Microtek SMU is a device that is connected between the solar panel and the normal non-solar inverter. This way, it allows the existing inverter to store the power generated by solar panels and use it when the need arises.

It is the best solar system for homes with low-power solar applications, making it a must-have when you want to go solar without changing your existing non-solar inverter.

Advantages of Solar Management Unit

Microtek is driven by the passion to make consumers’ life more energy efficient and SMU is an innovation to bring consumers one step closer to green energy.

The key advantages of the Solar Management Unit are:

  • Money Saving: Instead of spending money on buying a solar panel and a completely new solar inverter, consumers who want to go solar can simply buy a solar panel and the SMU. The SMU costs way less than a solar inverter and converts your existing non-solar inverter without burning a hole in your pocket. When it comes to saving money while going solar, SMU is the most reliable & budget friendly solar solution.
  • Easy to Install: The first thing that every Indian consumer looks for in a product is how easy it is to use. They don’t want to buy something that they aren’t able to operate easily. Thus, Microtek left no stone unturned to ensure the SMU is easy to install and there’s no hassle in installing this device.
    On top of that, SMU is a compact device that occupies very less space, making it a good fit for the Indian household.
  • Unmatched Compatibility: The primary reason behind developing the Solar Management Unit is to make solar simple for our consumers. This is why it is compatible with all types of inverters. You don’t need to worry about buying a new solar inverter, your existing non-solar inverter will be connected to this device to get things done.
  • Reverse Battery Protection:Reverse battery protection is an integral safety feature of SMU that protects you and your family from electrical risks to the connected devices. SMU is made to make your life more efficient and safer.
  • High Efficiency:Microtek Solar Management Unit has high-grade circuits that ensure minimum energy loss. It leads to a high energy yield allowing you to juice out the maximum value for your money. Moreover, its strong build quality makes SMU the most budget friendly solar solution.

With a plethora of benefits brought to you by a simple product, SMU proves to be the best solar solution for home. It offers the best value for money and helps you bring your power bills down. Bring home an SMU today and start saving money and contributing towards the environment.