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September 22 , 2021

Encyclopaedia – Voltage Stabilizer
Encyclopaedia – Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage variations cause the load to fail either temporarily or permanently. Due to the uncontrolled low or higher voltage than the desired voltage necessary for the load, these voltage fluctuations also impair the life span of home equipment. Voltage fluctuations occur as a result of unexpected load changes or power system problems. Hence, considering the importance of home appliances and the requirement for their safety, it is necessary to provide stable voltage to the load. Voltage stabilizers are attached to keep the voltage supply to the load stable, saving the household appliances from over and under voltages.

What is Stabilizer?

A stabilizer is a device that keeps something or a quantity steady or stable. Stabilizers are classified according to the amount of time they are employed to maintain stability. A voltage stabilizer is a stabilizer that keeps the voltage quantity in a power system stable.

Voltage Stabilizer

For our appliances to have a smooth working, a voltage stabilizer is designed to uphold a stable voltage level to give a consistent supply despite any fluctuations or changes in supply.Voltage regulators are typically employed to maintain a constant voltage, and these voltage regulators are referred to as Voltage Stabilizers when they are used to deliver consistent voltage to home appliances.

Electronic voltage regulators, automatic voltage regulators,active voltage regulators andelectromechanical voltage regulators are all different examples of voltage regulators. Similarly, Voltage stabilizers come in a variety of types, which include servo voltage stabilizers, AC voltage stabilizers, DC voltage stabilizersand automated voltage stabilizers.

Working of the Voltage Stabilizer

The working of a voltage stabilizer can be examined by looking at several types of voltage stabilizers, such as AC Voltage Stabilizers and DC Voltage Stabilizers.

AC voltage stabilizers

Electromechanical regulators, Coil rotation AC voltage regulators, and constant-voltage transformers are some of the different types of AC voltage stabilizers.

1. Coil Rotation AC Voltage Regulators

An old version voltage regulator that was popular in the 1920s.It works on the same principle as a variocoupler.It is made up of two field coils, one of which is stationary and the other of which may be rotated on an axis parallel to the fixed coil.

Coil Rotation AC Voltage Regulators

The magnetic forces operating on the mobile coil can be balanced by putting the moveable coil perpendicular to the fixed coil, resulting in a constant voltage.By rotating the secondary coil in one way or the other from its centre point, the voltage in the secondary coil can be increased or decreased.

The AC voltage regulators can be utilized as automatic voltage stabilizers by using a Servo control mechanism to advance the movable coil position for boosting or decreasing the voltage.

2. Electromechanical Regulators

Voltage stabilizers or tap-changers are electromechanical voltage regulators that are used to regulate the voltage on AC power distribution lines. These voltage stabilizers use the servomechanism action to select an appropriate tap from many taps on an autotransformer.

Electromechanical Regulators

Voltage stabilizers or tap-changers are electromechanical voltage regulators that are used to regulate the voltage on AC power distribution lines. These voltage stabilizers use the servomechanism action to select an appropriate tap from many taps on an autotransformer.

3. Constant Voltage Transformer

It’s a saturating transformer that’s utilized as a voltage stabilizer; it’s also known as a ferroresonant transformer or a ferroresonant regulator. These voltage stabilizers use a tank circuit with a high-voltage resonant winding and a capacitor to generate a nearly constant average output voltage with changing input current. The region around the secondary is utilized to regulate the voltage due to magnetic saturation.

Constant Voltage Transformer

For stabilizing an AC power supply that can be given by saturating transformers, a simple, tough method is adopted. Due to the lack of active components, the ferroresonant technique is an appealing way for absorbing variations in the input voltage that relies on the tank circuit’s square-loop saturation properties.

DC Voltage Stabilizers

Regulators, either series or shunt, are widely used to regulate the voltage of the DC power supply. A shunt regulator, such as a Zener diode or a Voltage regulator tube, is used to apply a reference voltage. These voltage stabilizers begin conduction at a specific voltage and conduct the maximum current necessary to maintain the set terminal voltage. Excess current is often dissipated by utilizing a low-value resistor to send it to the ground. The DC-adjustable-voltage stabilizer employing IC LM317 is shown in the diagram.

DC Voltage Stabilizers

The shunt regulator output is only used to provide a standard reference voltage to a voltage stabilizer, an electronic device capable of producing significantly greater currents based on demand.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Generator sets, emergency power supplies, oil rigs, and other applications require voltage stabilizers. It’s an electrical power gadget that allows you to provide variable voltage without modifying the power factor or phase shift. Voltage stabilizers of various sizes are permanently installed on distributed lines, while small voltage stabilizers are used to safeguard residential equipment from voltage fluctuations. A step-up transformer is used to step up voltage levels if the voltage of the power supply is less than the needed range, and a step-down transformer is used to step down voltage levels if the voltage is more than the required range.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers (AC)

Practical implementation of automatic voltage stabilizers could be seen in power supply circuits that provide supplies to the electronic and electronic circuits. Microtek has a huge range of energy efficient automatic voltage stabilizers for AC, Refrigerators, TV, LED, LCD, DTH, Home Theatre and Mainline stabilizers.

Many new trend voltage stabilizers have been produced as a result of technological advancements, which automatically regulate voltage levels within the specified range. If the specified voltage range is not achieved, the power supply will be automatically disconnected from the load to protect the household appliances from unwanted voltage swings. Please feel free to contact us for further technical information about voltage stabilizers by leaving a comment in the box below.