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February 17 , 2023

Get the Best Solar Power Solutions at Microtek!
Get the Best Solar Power Solutions at Microtek!

Microtek is an extremely popular name in the power product market of India. The high-tech products, extraordinary designs and exciting features have helped this organization to grow rapidly. Customers have time and again trusted & preferred Microtek for their day-to-day necessities. This organization is recognized as an innovator and a pioneer in the power back-up industry for its excellent and high-tech products. Latest technologies are used to develop the products at Microtek and all of these products are extremely reliable. Customers can now buy the Solar Power Solutions from Microtek, i.e., the Best Solar Panel Company In India.


Microtek develops and distributes multiple solar products for both, retail and commercial users. This includes  PV Modules, Power Conditioning Units (PCU), Solar Management Unit (SMU), Grid Tied Inverter (GTI) and Solar Combo Packages. The organization envisions to provide its customers effortless access to solar energy. This transition from depending on traditional energy sources to solar energy is extremely beneficial for the customers as well as the environment.

  • Solar Pv Modules: Microtek is India’s ‘Most Popular’ and ‘Most Rewarded’ company and they launched the Solar PV Panel in order to support and promote Green Energy or the Renewable Energy. Solar energy is abundantly available and is hence considered a renewable energy source. Moreover, solar energy does not produce CO2 or any other harmful gases, and is therefore good for the environment.
  • Polycrystalline Solar Pv Modules: The Polycrystalline Solar PV Modules produced by Microtek is a quality-efficient product and uses advanced techniques and high-quality materials for the designing of the Polycrystalline Panels and Multi-Crystalline Solar Panels.
  • Monocrystalline Perc Solar Pv Modules: Microtek’s Monocrystalline Perc Solar Pv Modules are developed using advanced technologies and are also available in multiple varieties. They promote green energy and can easily be used in EPCs, installers, contractors, and solar project managers. Due to the excellent designing of this product, it is extremely reliable for domestic, commercial and service customers.
  • Solar Power Conditioning Units: Microtek’s Solar Power Conditioning Unit operates in two different modes:

The Solar mode minimizes electricity bill and the Normal mode maximizes power availability. Either the inverter or the grid powers the load, depending upon the solar energy availability and the battery status. Moreover, the grid charger or the solar charger can be purchased as a ready-to-use device, depending on the battery status and solar energy.

  • HI-END MPPT Based Solar PCU: The HI-END MPPT Based Solar PCU designed by Microtek uses modern and advanced technology for efficient performance and durability. Since the device utilizes Solar Sinewave Technology, it automatically enhances the life of the battery and the customers have to put in minimal effort for its maintenance. The fundamental part for any Solar Hi-End MPPT Based PCU is the charging of its battery. The core of this device is controlled by the Solar PCU. Microtek’s HI-END MPPT Based Solar PCU has the energy-saving option for its customers.
  • HI-END PWM Based Solar PCU: Microtek’s HI-END PWM Based Solar PCU provides better performance, effortless maintenance, longer battery life and higher reliability.
  • PWM Based Solar PCU: This device uses the latest state-of-the-art technology which enhances performance and reliability and is integrated with a 35 amp Smart Solar Management Unit. PWM Based Solar PCU is based on the Solar Sinewave Technology which increases battery life and provides minimum maintenance.
  • MPPT Based Solar PCU: This system makes maximum usage of the abundantly available solar energy. In case of excess production of solar energy, it charges the battery while simultaneously supplying the power to the load.
  • Solar Management Units: The Solar Management Unit (SMU) has been introduced by Microtek as a unique Management System for every household. SMU converts the simple inverters into solar inverters.
  • Grid-Tied Solar Solutions: Microtek’s OnGrid Inverter can be purchased at the best prices. So if you have been looking forward to purchasing the Microtek OnGrid Inverter, you can easily trust Microtek for your necessities.

Along with the Solar Energy Solutions, Microtek also designs and delivers Power Backup Solutions, Voltage Solutions, Wires and Cables, Circuit Protection Devices (MCB, DBs), E-Vehicle Chargers, Surge and Lightning Protectors, and Health Care products. The line interactive UPS is developed only by this organization in India. Today, Microtek is trusted by more than 120 million customers.

Microtek offers the best Solar Power Solutions and is globally recognized as the Best Solar Panel Company In India.