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August 24 , 2021

Grid Tied Inverter from Microtek – The Best Solution for Your Home and Office
Grid Tied Inverter from Microtek – The Best Solution for Your Home and Office

A grid tie inverter has become the solution for most commercial industries and for home users and is a good source of energy. The reason is that it is efficient and it reduces cost of your electricity bills. It has become a method that everybody is fascinated about and why not, as you don’t have to rely on the electric company anymore for power. Grid tied inverters are known to generate so much power that can keep a company running consistently for a long time without using the means of electricity. These astounding power inverters convert current from DC to AC into the greatest power level that you wish it to generate.

Grid inverters can be affordable and efficient. However, most people are not aware about wrong connections and the kind of damages they can cause if they are not installed by professionals. In most cases, these tie inverters are used as a source of power for utility grids. The utility grid is connected to numerous solar panels, which are fixed to extension cables, transmitting power to the required fuses. This way you will have power for all the electric appliances that you need to use. You can have either one of the two – high or a lowvoltage tie inverter.

This is because not all inverters can be accessible to everyone. Some can generate enough power to run an electric company. High-voltage inverters produce enough heat that has to be stored first. This is mostly done by electric companies since they can regulate the amount of energy that is required.

Home owners have the advantage of low-voltage inverters. They do not generate as much energy as the high-voltage AC inverters do. However, they do generate enough energy for your home’s electricity use. Once connected to the solar panel, you can have a professional to customize the design for you by using battery and the grid tie inverter. You can connect your electric cooker, TV set, washing machine and fridge.

Grid tie inverters can be cost-effective if you don’t find a genuine service provider. Not only will your money be extorted, but you will be risking your life with power cables that are not safely connected. Option would be to seek guidance from the company from where you bought your inverter. Ask an expert to refer you to a grid tie inverter company. Consequently, these inverters would solve your problems.

Grid-Tied Vs Off-Grid Solar Power


For those keen in solar power yet are hesitant towards a total switch-over, a grid tie system is the answer. In this respect, you will remain within the grid system yet be able to add-on your regular supply with solar power. Owing to the fact that there is no guarantee that the sun will shine every day, for those with not much solar storage capabilities staying on the grid is a clever idea. Another advantage of lingering on the grid and using solar power is, the chance to sell back unused power to the supplier.

For those who are new to the term‘grid’, this in plain words refers to the area, which is provided by a power company to produce their current electricity. A grid tie system is pretty much similar, allowing power generation from both the sources – standard and the solar source.

Type #1- No backup battery system

In this system, whole focus lies in the wiring specifications. Implying, the grid tie seams into the power feed. Then using the breaker panels the solar system ties into the grid feed. If more solar power is generated, than after the use, the excess power reverses the power meter and the un-utilized power is sold back to the source. This is a win-win situation, as the buying cost is low and practically there is no maintenance. The negative aspect is,when there is power failure, there will be no backup power and this specific system works only where there is meter usage.

Type #2 – Backup battery system

This is analogous to the grid tie system but in this system, there is need for three vital items – the batteries, a battery charger and a solar charge controller. The intent of the battery charge is to keep the batteries fully charged and the charge controller prevent over or under charging of the batteries. This is still a great system even though it demands a bit more care and is more expensive than the grid tie system. It means that there is also back up power in case of failure.


Often people think that if a person lives off the grid, then they are totally isolated from society and have none of the essentials in life. The option to live happily off the grid is surely available. They can be totally reliant on solar power. The needed solar system works on the same premise though; there is no power system to link-up with. It relies on battery and needs another type of converter called as off-grid converter. Even though you are off the grid you are dependent on the local power source, thus no power failure concerns.

You can also take pride in knowing the fact that you are making a very significant contribution towards cutting down the green house gases, which slowly and steadily choking our world.