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November 17 , 2022

Guaranteed Safety & Protection with Microtek MCB
Guaranteed Safety & Protection with Microtek MCB

Electricity is a necessity. Be it running an AC or home appliances, we need power for almost everything in order to live life with effortless ease. However, there are a few factors that cancome in the way of a smooth and steady flow of power and one of them is electrical faults.

If a fault occurs in an electrical network of any type, the current can exceed its rated limit. This continuous flow of current can cause damage to the electrical devices. Thus, it is imperative to interrupt a high-rated current as quickly as possible in order to prevent injury or damage to appliances and the individuals operating them. This is where MCB has a major role to play.

Installing Miniature Circuit Breaker or MCB for home can help considerably in reducing incidents of electrical faults. It detects the irregular current flow and quickly breaks the circuit. Previously, fuses were used, but MCBs are gradually replacing them owing to better operational safety, high reliability, current-sensing capabilities, lower repair costs, and the ability to return to standard function after a single use. 

What exactly is MCB?

Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB) are electromechanical devices employed as a safety precaution in the event of an electrical failure, rapid spike, or current overflow.

It is designed to trip when there is an unavoidable overload with the potential for severe damage. As soon as a problem is found, it stops the current flow, and anytime the permitted limit is reached, it cuts off the supply of current. They are perfect for usage in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.

To buy the best Miniature Circuit Breaker, look no further than Microtek. Synonymous with quality and innovation, it assures that electrical appliances are always protected against short circuits, earth leakage, surges and faults. Based on the number of poles, it comes in:

Single Pole Pro | Single Pole & Neutral Pro (SPN) | Double Pole Pro (DP) | Three Pole Pro (TP) | Three Pole & Neutral Pro (TPN) | Four Pole Pro (FP)

Key features of Microtek MCB’s 

  • State-of-the-art design: It is aesthetically superior and built with superior features with a clear marking of the ON/Off symbol along. 
  • Exceptional endurance: The products have been tested at high electrical mechanical endurance with an ambient temperature of -5C to +55C. 
  • Specially Designed ATC Chamber: 13 Plates ARC chute for effective ARC quenching.
  • Bi-Connect Terminals: This provides flexibility by allowing the Lines to be connected through wires and bus bars.
  • IP20 Protection: We realize the importance of safety and have designed the range in a way that no live parts are exposed to human contact, thus making MCB safe to use.
  • Dual Position Clamp: This help in the easy mounting of the MCB.
  • Trip-free mechanism: The MCB trip even if the knob is held in the ON position.
  • Airflow channel: This allows the air to come out and helps to maintain the temperature inside.
  • ISI/CE Mark: The ISI marking on our MCB range guarantees that they have met all quality parameters and are the safest choice.

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