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December 13 , 2021

How to use Oxygen Concentrators at Home?
How to use Oxygen Concentrators at Home?

Amidst the pandemic there’s a rising demand of oxygen concentrators besides hospital beds, oxygen cylinders across the country. An oxygen concentrator is a device that gives extra oxygen. It helps people who have trouble in breathing and are suffering from diseases such as Asthma, Lung cancer, COPD, flu including COVID-19. An oxygen concentrator is different from an oxygen tank which delivers liquid or gas oxygen. The concentrator is a machine that pulls in the air around and filters out the nitrogen. A thin tube runs from a device to a face giving purified oxygen through two open prongs below the nostrils. Some people use a facemask to get a higher concentration and flow of oxygen.

How to use an Oxygen concentrator at home?

There are two types of concentrators, a more prominent model which can be used at home and a lighter portable model which can be used anywhere. A doctor might prescribe this if a patient needs constant oxygen while he or she is at home or sleeping. Some of the steps to be followed for using oxygen concentrator at home are as follows: –

  • It runs on electricity so keep plugged in all the time
  • The doctor will insist on keeping the level set to an optimum oxygen flow rate. Do not change the rate and unless the doctor advises
  • The 5 lpm oxygen concentrator will work better by adding a humidifier and lengthening the tubing. A humidifier bottle makes the oxygen moist when it is filled with distilled water and makes it easy to breathe in. The tube can be extended up to 50 feet with a hose attachment
  • The concentrator must be cleaned regularly. It consists of tubing or facemask, humidifier bottle and concentrator filter. The tubing must be washed once a week with warm water and mild dish soap. It should be cleaned more often if the person who is using it is sick. The tubing should be replaced if it looks damaged
  • Clean the humidifier bottle after every three days of use with warm water and mild dish soap. It can also be soaked in a mix of vinegar and water for a few minutes to clear out any leftover bacteria
  • The concentrator filter should be cleaned once in a month. It can be scrubbed with a washcloth to remove dirt or dust, and can be rinsed under water to remove soap residues. Lay the filter on a dry, clean towel and let it air dry completely before putting it back in the concentrator.

How to buy an oxygen concentrator for your home?

An oxygen concentrator shouldn’t be bought without a doctor’s prescription. However, you can buy oxygen concentrators online without a prescription. The FDA has not yet approved or cleared any oxygen concentrators to be sold or used without a prescription. While using a 10 lpm oxygen concentrator, do not use it near an open flame or under smoking conditions. The concentrator must be placed in an open space as there could be chances of overheating for which the failure of the device might occur. Do not block any vents on the concentrator since it may impact performance of the device.


Oxygen concentrators are for mild and moderately ill patients, who have an oxygen saturation level between 80% to 94%. The 10 lpm (litres per minute) oxygen concentrator weighs from 50 to 60 pounds and has the highest oxygen concentration which is from 87% to 95%. The 5 lpm oxygen concentrator has an oxygen concentration of 40%. High oxygen concentration can also lead to oxygen toxicity which damages the lungs, occurring from breathing in too much extra oxygen. So it is advised that it must be used under proper supervision for the best results.