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September 20 , 2021

Is it true that using a voltage stabiliser for home increases your electricity bill?
Is it true that using a voltage stabiliser for home increases your electricity bill?

Voltage fluctuations are easy to overlook until you realise how damaging they can be to your electrical appliances. This explains why voltage stabilisers are so popular. But, are voltage stabilizers for home as effective as they claim to be? To be precise, do they increase your electrical consumption thereby increasing the electricity bill?

Coming back to the question, “Does Voltage Stabilizer Increase Electricity Bill?”

Voltage stabilisers use electricity that varies with brand and stabilizer’s capacity. The cheapest voltage stabilisers coming from a local vendor are the most problematic ones, as they skyrocket your utility bill. Hence, one should consider and buy voltage stabilizers for home from a reputed brand like Microtek.

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Microtek’s voltage stabilizers are efficient and consume only 5% of the maximum load, which is nothing in comparison to losing an appliance due to a power fluctuation. So, the answer is, “yes a voltage stabilizer consume electricity and will increase the electricity bill” but you can limit this increase by investing in a reputed product.

Voltage Fluctuations: What Makes Them So Dangerous?

Voltage fluctuations are a problem in almost every developing country. And even the most developed and energy-sufficient countries are not completely immune to this issue.Be it developed or developing country, electrical equipment manufactured and used in any of the household require a precise voltage supply to operate. And any drastic change (be it high or low) will ill-affect the health of your appliance. This results in minor to major damage, some might just overheat and stop working (frequent overheating will reduce its lifespan), while others may suffer permanent damage.

Does Voltage Fluctuations Increase your Utility Bill?

Because of the efforts your appliances will take to compensate for the voltage loss, voltage fluctuations will increase your electrical consumption. Voltage drops are arguably your biggest enemies when it comes to your electricity bill. An increase in voltage is also risky. It has the potential to permanently burnout your equipment. A voltage drop, on the other hand, tends to do a lot more. People think that when there is a brownout, all appliances stop working. That, however, is not the case. Low-voltage incandescent lamps, for example, can still function.They will, however, become rather hot as the bulb uses a lot more power to compensate for the voltage drop.

The same goes with a refrigerator. Because it is working harder than usual to meet its goals, the device’s motors will overheat. During a brownout, the more electricity the appliance uses in normal circumstances, the more power it will use during a brownout. And as a result, you will have big numbers on your electricity bill.

Role Power Suppliers Play To Protect Your Appliances

Voltage fluctuations are a risk that your electricity provider is aware of. Rolling blackouts will be implemented if the voltage abruptly rises or falls. For example, they will turn off the electricity in some regions, only to resume it later when the situation has stabilised.

Load shedding is typically employed in instances where an area’s electrical needs exceed its capacity to provide power.

It is also true that you can’t always rely on your electricity provider to keep your equipment safe. We hardly experience load shedding in metro cities, which means your equipment will experience high or low voltage for long periods, which means more chances of them being damaged, which makes voltage stabilisers as important as your appliances themselves.

What is a Voltage Stabilizer?

As the name suggests, voltage stabilisers are devices that keep the power supply of an appliance stable. They act as a barrier between the appliance and the power supply. The stabiliser keeps a strict eye on the voltage fluctuations and sensing any change it activates its internal systems, ensuring that the output voltage remains steady. Increasing the voltage in case it is lower than the admissible levels and lowering if it exceeds the required voltage needs of an appliance. Besides using voltage stabilizers for home, they are often paired with equipment that we cannot afford to fail, like medical tools or printing machines.

How to select the right voltage stabilizer for home?

Selecting a perfect voltage stabilizer is not rocket science. All you need to do is check your appliance’s power rating and explore voltage stabilizer range available with Microtek.


When faced with a power outage, most people rush out to buy a UPS, which makes sense because UPS will keep your device running during a blackout. However, if voltage fluctuation is your concern, it is best to employ a voltage stabilizer. Yes, the device will almost certainly raise your energy cost but trust us it will be so negligible that you will hardly notice and you will eventually thank your voltage stabilizer for protecting your pricey equipment while consuming such minimal resources.