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July 29 , 2022

Jumbo UPS & Home UPS — what is the difference?
Jumbo UPS & Home UPS — what is the difference?

Inverters or UPSes are devices that come to your aid in times of power cuts. They are designed for offering an uninterrupted power supply and come in a wide variety. Depending upon the home load and budget, you can make a choice.

Currently, the market is flooded with a multitude of options. The sound decision would be to invest in a brand that is reputable and trustworthy ensured of after-sales service. A good brand in itself is a promise of excellent quality and even if any problems arise, they are quick to respond and rectify. Most importantly, since buying an inverter is a one-time investment so make sure it comes with a long-term warranty just like Microtek UPS/Inverters. 

Microtek  is India’s most trusted brand and users’ favorite for years in terms of power backup products. They offer a wide variety of UPS with durable design and superb features — perfect for homes & offices. The range includes their bestselling Home UPS and Jumbo UPS which come with a great warranty and extensive power backup capacity, but how to choose between the two? Read on to know the difference and make an informed choice.


Microtek Home UPS

Power is indispensable in today’s time and life. The smallest thing we do requires electricity, which is why, its absence can be very uncomfortable— not anymore! Home UPS by Microtek are reliable and efficient source of uninterrupted power that will put your life at ease. These are ideal if you want a backup for household appliances such as lights, fans, washing machines, TV, Refrigerator etc. The best part? These are budget-friendly with no compromise on performance.

Microtek Home UPS come in Sine wave, Digital and Hybrid models. All of them are highly safe to use and the best choice for home usage. 


Microtek Jumbo UPS

Jumbo UPS by Microtek is bigger and better at dealing with higher loads for prolonged hours. It comes loaded with features such as overload sense, short circuit protection and pure sine wave output which make it a great buy to move past the challenges of power cuts. Its microprocessor-based PWM technology uses hi-grade MOSFETs/IGBTs. Besides this, the Microtel Jumbo UPS has a high peak load handling capacity due to PLPO (Peak Load Peak Output) and charges quickly & keeps the battery healthy due to its Advanced Battery Management (ABM). A little heavy on the pocket but, worth the investment.  

So when it comes to running high-capacity sophisticated appliances like microwave, AC, fridge, water motor, etc, you can trust Microtek Jumbo UPS!


The bottom line

With Microtek, whether you choose Home UPS or Jumbo UPS, you are ensured the best quality and safety. As a technology innovator and pioneer in the power backup industry, it offers amazing solutions that are just right for the backup needs of different homes. The team consists of highly motivated and professionally qualified individuals that work together to deliver the best power products. Backed by excellent after-sales services and high-quality products that translate to low maintenance, Microtek today has become a leader in the UPS & Inverter market. To know more, visit: