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January 12 , 2023

MCB: An Essential for Every Home
MCB: An Essential for Every Home

When looking for an MCB for home use, quality is the first thing that comes to mind. A miniature circuit breaker or an MCB, is vital for the proper functioning of your home’s electrical system. Every home uses multiple types of appliances, from an air conditioner in summer to a room heater in winter, dishwashers, fully automatic washing machines, such heavy-load appliances are easily found in every household. Running such machinery requires a large amount of energy, and you must do everything in your capacity to keep your house safe from the consequences of a potential overload. When it comes to electricity, a potential risk is a risk.

Among many electricity protection devices installed in a home, an MCB plays a major role.

What is an MCB?

Miniature circuit breakers are tiny devices that control the flow of electricity in the event of an unusual power supply. As soon as this device detects an overload or sudden surge in power, it cuts off the connection by “tripping” the switch down.

An MCB is an upgrade and a replacement for the traditional fuse.

Difference Between an MCB and a Fuse

The old-fashioned fuse has a wire made of lead and tin alloy. This wire has a low melting point. So, when overcurrent flows through the fuse, the wire melts and breaks the connection, stopping the overcurrent from reaching further.

A fuse too small will melt early, and a fuse too large will take too long to melt. This will cause frequent power cuts and electric overloads in respective conditions. Fuses are also difficult to identify when placed in a series. So, figuring out which one went out becomes difficult.

An MCB, on the other hand, is a different type of mechanism altogether. It has a mechanical trip switch which, as earlier mentioned, trips down. So, when there’s an overcurrent, it’s easy to identify the lever that’s down.

Advantages of Installing an MCB at Home

  • Uniform Distribution: The biggest advantage of MCBs is that they can handle large amounts of current. So, they can uniformly distribute current across the house. With equal distribution, MCBs ensure your home has fewer instances of power fluctuations.
  • Longevity of Devices: Be it an air-conditioner or a heater, a dishwasher, a water heater, or any other heavy-load appliance, MCBs can easily take the load and make sure the devices get an even flow of current. Because of this, your appliances will last longer and have few power-related problems.
  • Protection from Ground Fault: The most important role of an MCB is to save the family from the invisible risk of a ground fault. A ground fault can lead to serious damage, and MCBs don’t let it happen by tripping off the moment there’s a fault.
  • Compact Design: The term Miniature Circuit Breaker depicts the compact design of this device. It’s compact enough to fit in small spaces, like behind a distribution board where multiple MCBs are often placed.
  • Easy to Identify:When an MCB cuts off the connection in the case of an overcurrent, it’s easy to identify which MCB has tripped down so you can reset it to its initial position.

Where to Buy MCBs?

Now that you have a clear idea of why MCBs are essential for every home, the next step is to know where to buy them.

Quality is your priority when it comes to the safety of your family and home. So, it’s clear that you will trust only the best name in the industry. Whether you are looking for a multi-pole (4-pole, 3-pole, and 2-pole) or asingle pole MCB at best price, Microtek is where your search ends.

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