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June 23 , 2022

Tired of Powercuts? Switch to Microtek Jumbo UPS
Tired of Powercuts? Switch to Microtek Jumbo UPS

With technological advancement and endless facilities available in today’s world, it’s easy to take certain things for granted. And one of the easiest things to overlook is the invisible force that fuels almost everything in our home: electricity.

There is no denying the fact that electricity is the most significant entity in our lives. However, a 24/7 uninterrupted power supply is nothing short of a dream, especially in India, which is presently undergoing the worst shortage ever. Moreover, the soaring heat waves have added to the misery with
recurrent load shedding at unanticipated timings. Cooling appliances like ACs or coolers can be found non-functional due to frequent fluctuations. Working from home has become a challenge as erratic power cuts significantly hit productivity and output.

So how to tackle outages and avoid the pain of blackouts? The best solution is to buy a Microtek Jumbo High-Capacity UPS— reliable and easy maintenance. Be it television, refrigerator, or air conditioner, you can run all home appliances and thereby, ensure comfort never takes a backseat. Listed below are some of the key features of UPS:

  • Outstanding power back-up: When it comes to UPS, you are assured of a steady power supply
    without interruptions. For communities that have outages for several hours every day, it is a blessing.
  • Noise-free: Unlike a generator, UPS offers noise-free operations. This significantly aids
    in carrying out daily tasks smoothly without background noise.
  • Utmost safety: It protects against all electrical oddities like surges, spikes, dips and
    failure because the UPS effectively monitors these things and switches to alternative power before the
    abnormalities create harm.
  • Easy installation: Installing a UPS is effortless. It can be easily fitted and is
    spatially convenient. Also, connecting new devices is not that difficult.

Although the market is flooded with options to choose from, nothing beats Microtek Jumbo UPS. A Microtek Jumbo High-Capacity UPS is solely designed for running huge loads for longer hours. Microtek is already a major participant in the power backup device market and earned an award for the same in the year 2020. Due to its reliability and provision of cutting-edge technology, the brand is trusted by both domestic consumers and industrial sectors worldwide.

The Microtek Jumbo UPS High-Capacity series incorporates Pulse Width Modulation technology, which adjusts the output voltage based on the load value by substituting the width of the switching frequency in the oscillator section with Hi-grade IGBT and Mosfets, which is to enhance voltages in circuits.

There are two variants of Microtek Jumbo UPS :

DSC-based Intelli Pure Sinewave Jumbo UPS – These are intended for home appliances and small businesses. They are used to improve performance and dependability. The Sinewave Jumbo UPS has Pure Sinewave Output and ratings ranging from 2 KVA to 5.7 KVA. These have LED Display Indications (Status & Fault), CCCV Technology with auto trickle mode, smart overload sense, and short circuit safety and are charged utilizing PWM-controlled multistage Automatic Trickle Mode. They are compatible with the generator.

Hi-Grade IGBT-based Jumbo UPS – These are used for big industries and huge capacity appliances. IGBT-based Jumbo UPS rating from 5.5 KVA to 10 KVA is suitable for devices that require high surge current. They operate on pure sinewave output and their models range from 6500i (96V) to 11000i (180V). They use Micro Processor-based PWM Technology and offer Advance Battery Management (ABM) for longer battery life and quick charging. They provide an LCD display, are capable of handling peak current and are embedded with a Time Delay Relay. They are also compatible with the generator.

With the support of a Microtek Jumbo High Capacity UPS, no power outage will impede your work or daily chores during the summers or the monsoons. For more details, visit our website: