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September 11 , 2021

Using Microtek’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) With Solar
Using Microtek’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) With Solar

In a wide range of applications, a UPS system is utilised to protect sensitive electric loads. The UPS is installed upstream from the load it is supposed to protect, and it’s custom-made to meet the needs of the specific load it’s supposed to power. A UPS system typically consists of power electronic components to rectify and invert electricity, an energy storage medium (typically a battery), filters to suppress power output distortions, and static switches that detect power outages and switch the system into islanding mode, which powers the load from the system’s inbuilt energy storage (i.e., battery).

Using a UPS With Solar Panels

Microtek’s Solar UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) permits electrically powered devices, such as solar panels, to continue operating in the event of a power outage. Uninterruptible power supplies are commonly used to backup computers and medical devices, but they can also be used for other purposes. Because solar panels rely on sunlight, a home UPS provides a much-needed solar power source. Excess solar power can be stored for later use with UPS solutions like solar-charged batteries and battery backup.

Explaining Solar and Uninterruptible Power Supply

UPS offers instantaneous power during an outage, unlike a backup generator or other emergency power devices. A flywheel, battery, or super capacitors are frequently used to provide this power. In most residential scenarios, UPS is provided by a home battery. People who utilise the battery system frequently report that they were unaware of an outage until they spoke to their neighbours or left the house.

Having Microtek’s solar-powered source allows homes to operate regardless of the weather or time of day, boosting the technology’s usability. Many homeowners, owing to the Covid-19 situation are forced to work from home, which makes having a solar UPS for their solar system all the more important.

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What Causes the Need for an Uninterruptible Power Supply?

Most of today’s world population, whether they realise it or not, rely significantly on power continuity. UPSs assist &prevent data loss, business disruption, and medical difficulties by providing almost instantaneous power. With Covid-19 causing work from home and doing home isolations, having a UPS for your solar home system becomes necessary.

How Solar Panels Work With Microtek’s Solar UPS

The majority of consumers who buy solar panels stay connected to the grid. Anyone may theoretically go off the grid, but abandoning the energy company isn’t always financially feasible. People can install solar without a battery backup if they stay linked to the grid. Solar arrays, on the other hand, must shut down in the event of a grid failure due to the need for a speedy shutdown.


If the system was left running, electricity would flow through the power lines, possibly injuring linemen who were attempting to fix the problem. Solar users with solar UPS, on the other hand, may power their houses with less storage than an off-grid system during an outage.

The UPS system, as well as its primary function, is not a new invention. In fact, UPS functioning has remained essentially unchanged for decades, but growing demand has improved UPS efficiency, its types and dramatically reduced costs.

Certain advanced UPS designs have also been created for large-scale applications that consume a lot of power (such as huge data centres) in order to improve conversion efficiencies and save electricity.

Functionality and Applications of Microtek’s UPS

Microtek’s UPS system can perform a variety of tasks relating to power quality and reliability.UPS systems’ principal function is to provide backup electric power for a set period of time, if the main power supply is cut off or otherwise fails to produce sufficient power for a specific application.

Depending on the application, the time can range from a few seconds to several hours. Microtek’s UPS systems are generally used as an interim power supply before reserve generators are started in large-scale applications like computer halls. A less critical system, such as a residential application, can use a home UPS from Microtek.