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August 16 , 2021

Voltage Stabilizer for Home -The Failproof Way to Insure the Lives of Home Appliances
Voltage Stabilizer for Home -The Failproof Way to Insure the Lives of Home Appliances

Voltage fluctuations, power outages and power surges due to lighting, are all fairly common in India. This results in decreased productivity and device longevity at home. Prevention from damage in such cases will lead to reduced lifespan of equipment/appliances in the long run.

The majority of appliances are affected by low voltage and high voltage issues. This can result in poor working performance, overheating, insulation damage, and even everlasting appliance failure. Investing in a voltage stabilizer for home use, on the other hand, can alleviate all concerns regarding such complications. Microtek offers voltage stabilizers that are tailored to prolong the life-span of your expensive appliances. The Smart Series for ACs, the EMT series for LED TVs and the EMR series for refrigerators utilize latest technologies for high-grade performance.

What exactly are voltage stabilisers, and how do they work to fix power fluctuations?

Voltage Stabilizer is also known by the name AVR or the Automatic Voltage Regulator. The use of a Voltage Stabilizer is not restricted to household/office equipment that is powered from the outside. Even ships with their own internal power supply in the form of Diesel Alternators rely largely on these AVRs for survival.

Different types of Voltage Stabilizers can be found on the market. Many manufacturers produce both analogue and digital automated voltage stabilisers. Because of increased competitiveness and increased awareness of safety devices. These Voltage Stabilizers can be single phase (output 220-230 volt) or three phase (output 380/400 volt), the purchase depends entirely on the application.


The buck and boost method is used by the internal circuitry to regulate the appropriate stable output. Balanced load models and Unbalanced load models are the two types of three phase voltage stabilisers available.

Voltage stabilizer for home is also available in a variety of KVA ratings and ranges. From an input voltage feed ranging from 180 volt to 270 volt, a typical range Voltage Stabilizer can assure a stabilised output voltage of 200-240 volt with a 20–35-volt boost-buck. A wide range voltage stabiliser, on the other hand, may provide a stabilized out-voltage of 190-240 volts with a 50–55-volt boost buck from an input voltage that ranges from 140 volt to 300 volt.

Voltage stabilizers from Microtek are available for a wide variety of applications, for instance – dedicated voltage stabilizers for appliances like – T.V, AC, Microwave, Refrigerator to a single big unit for all the appliances in the house hold. Present Microtek Voltage Stabilizers for home include numerous important characteristics in addition to their basic stabilising function, such as overload protection, frequency variation prevention, zero voltage switching, manual/ auto start, voltage cut off display, output start and stop facility and so on.

What are the most common appliances that can benefit from stabilisers in the home?

Air conditioners, televisions and refrigerators can all be fitted with voltage stabilizers to boost their working and extend their lifespan. Microtek has the perfect stabilizers specific to the appliance that corrects voltage fluctuations to the ‘T’.


Are voltage stabilisers required for modern-day appliances?

YES! Despite the fact that most modern ACs, televisions and refrigerators claim to have built-in voltage stabilisers, they are not entirely protected against high voltage variations. They can only cope with mild voltage fluctuations. Surge protection is another reason why investing in a stabiliser is a good idea. Voltage spikes that occur suddenly as a result of lightning can only be managed if your appliance is connected with a voltage stabilizer.

We invest huge amount of money on buying what is latest in technology, which means losing any one of them will be a huge monetary loss. Investing a small amount in Microtek voltage stabilizers will ensure that your appliance will be delivering top performance and is free from any dangers caused by the power issues. Microtek stabilizers are small and are accompanied by the latest technologies.

Now, let’s examine what will happen if your appliance is prone to continuous over and/or under voltage of current –

Effects of Continuous/ Periodic Over Voltage to Your Home Appliances

  • It might cause permanent damage to the connected device.
  • It might lead to uncalled-for disruption in the load
  • It might cause impairment to the winding insulation.
  • It might degrade overall life of the device
  • It might lead to over-heating of the wire or device.

Effects of Continuous/ Periodic Under Voltage to Your Home Appliances

  • It might lead to appliance’s malfunction.
  • The device in some cases might take extra time to perform the same function.
  • It might result in low efficacy of the device.
  • It might lead the appliance to draw large currents, which might further lead to over-heating
  • It might degrade appliance’s overall performance.

Inconsistency in power supply to any of your appliance is bad for their health, which means it is utmost important to protect and safeguard your valuable appliances with the Microtek’s perfect voltage stabilizer. Keep it simple, with an array of stabilizers for every appliance and your home will be indebted forever.