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December 16 , 2022

Why LUXE Home UPS is Best for Your Home?
Why LUXE Home UPS is Best for Your Home?

Buying an inverter for home is not a luxury anymore. In today’s fast-paced world, a power cut brings our work to a virtual halt. Be it working from home, studying, or cooking, electricity is the foundation of our daily lives. People just can’t afford a power cut in their busy lives.

So, it’s imperative that families install a power backup solution in their homes. While the market is flooded with many inverters, choosing the right one for your home becomes a confusing task. But all your doubts end at LUXE Home UPS.

What is LUXE Home UPS?

LUXE Home UPS is a Sinewave smart inverter for homes from the house of Microtek.  It uses state-of-the-art technology to bring you the latest and the best power backup solution. It is one of the most popular home UPS available in the market today.

Why Buy LUXE Home UPS?

LUXE Home UPS comes with Pure Sinewave technology,best design, build quality, and performance. Its most important features are:

  • Micro Computer Based Inverter: LUXE Home UPS is India’s smartest and most intelligent home inverter with a built-in microcomputer. This microcomputer works like a brain for the inverter, ensuring optimum performance at all times.
  • Sinewave Operation: Normal inverters are known to make a lot of noise, which can be bothersome for your family members. On the other hand, LUXE Home UPS is built with INTELLI Pure Sinewave Technology. This technology allows LUXE Home UPS to perform without making any noise. At the same time, Pure Sinewave technology ensures your appliances are safe from voltage alterations, which is a regular problem with normal inverters.
  • Advance Circuit Breakers: Typical inverters don’t use quality circuit breakers, hence it can become a risk for your family, especially for kids and pets. LUXE Home UPS comes with advanced circuit breakers that protect your family from electricity risks.
  • Flexible Operation: Whether you live in a high power-cut area or a normal one, LUXE Home UPS smart inverter for home is ideal for all sorts of applications. It offers both wide battery charging and standard battery charging depending on where you live.
  • 5-Stage Intelligent Battery Charging Algorithm: This particular feature is a battery management function that enables the LUXE Home UPS microcomputer to monitor battery performance. LUXE Home UPS is by far the most intelligent inverter that charges the battery efficiently while ensuring its long life.
  • Design and Build Quality: LUXE Home UPS inverter for home is developed keeping design and strength in mind. At Microtek, we pay special attention to looks and durability. LUXE Home UPS is a result of our intensive research and development, making it one of the most good-looking and long-lasting inverters you can ever buy.
  • LCD Display & Safety Alert Buzzer: The LCD display of LUXE Home UPS allows you to know the operation status in real-time. It displays information such as the input voltage, output voltage, mode, battery status, and more.
    On top of that, the safety alert buzzer alarms you in the case of an overload, over temperature, short circuit, tripping, etc. It’s the most advanced safety system that keeps your family and home safe from undetected electrical risks.


In a nutshell, the Microtek LUXE Home UPS inverter is the power backup solution you need for your home because it offers the best value for money. It is the perfect amalgam of form, functionality, and durability. Get a LUXE Home UPS inverter for your home today and bid farewell to power cuts.

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